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Ask a Question Usually answered in minutes! Bank fishing in the summer heat. Positive to neg, In a loop going to the motor. One thing to be sure of is using the right gauge of wire. Now lets fast forward to the end of your toughest fishing day.

You should be good with just a set of jumper cables. That's much less wordy than what I said. Onboard chargers come pre-installed on certain boats. If you regularly fish in bad weather or strong currents, you'll need to account for that in your battery life calculations and planning. You may now be stranded unless you can rewire all three batteries from series to parallel while on the water.

The second battery is needed to provide more voltage and power for the larger motor, but doesn't extend the run time. Wiring a thirty-six volt trolling motor, which uses three batteries, looks very similar and follows the same process. If you put a twenty-four volt or thirty-six volt motor on a boat that only needs a twelve-volt motor, you can operate your trolling motor much longer! Also, most people separate their main motor battery from their trolling motor battery.

My main concern is I just always want to be able to turn the key and go. Not finding what you are looking for? How are motors with multiple batteries wired?

BGFTRST Marine Battery Wiring Cabela s

Battery Life and Ratings
  • Doing this regularly will almost certainly shorten your battery life.
  • Mark Channels Read Calendar.
  • Still some trolling left in them.
  • Can I ground the batteries to the hull?

Glad to know that I should not. If you have enough brain power to keep it straight while you are wireing it it makes good sence. It still turns right fine. If you've got the space for two batteries, go for it.

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Trolling Motor Wiring Overview

As for where do the grounds go, there are only two grounds. Without a breaker, the motor would draw more and more power in an attempt to try to turn the jammed prop until it eventually burns itself up, causing irreversible damage. If I had both connected to one battery, then I would definitely use an inline fuse.

36 volt Lithium Ion battery kits

Trolling Motor Plug to Batteries Wire Gauge

Minn Kota wil tell you not to have the big motor on the same batteries as the trolling motor. You have been running the trolling motor more than normal due to the unforeseen high winds. If installed, a circuit breaker will break the circuit in the event a certain amperage level is reached, cutting power to the motor and preventing a burnout.

While the figures listed below are believed to be fair approximations of expected performance they are only that - approximations. Display as a link instead. The three battery setup should work with out a hitch. Your answer needs to include more details to help people.

It's worth a thousand words. You have a high resistance short either inside the wiring or the lower unit. The only thing you need to know is failing to do so presents a very good chance for an improper ground to destroy your electrics.

Combining 36 volt and 12 volt together in one boat

  1. There are some really beautiful areas up here.
  2. Or carry a jump start box.
  3. Just hook up your batteries like this.
  4. Thank you again Silvertip.
  5. While you could conceivably charge two or three batteries separately with a single bank charger, it's much more convenient to have all your batteries charged in one session.

How to Connect a Trolling Motor to a Battery

Was not trying to be a smart hasp, what is it? If you need exact run times for a specific motor, make sure to request the exact amperage drawn from the manufacturer. Stated differently, you can't add the amperage hours from multiple batteries together for additional run time.

Worst case scenario is that I have to pop the cowling and rope start off the flywheel. Answer questions, earn points and help others Answer questions. The Indians have just been absolutely lights out the last several weeks!

Trollbridge36 Information

Just unhook the other batteries before you jump. What do i need for the hook up to a battery? For electric trolling motors do I need to hook any thing else besides hooking the trolling motor to the battery? We hung around the breakwalls and got sheepies and smallies. My primary concern is that the lighting will drain my cranking battery.

Motors by BRAND

The pedal got harder to turn left and the motor turns left a lot slower now. It will be dead when you need it. If the bilge pump runs very often fix the leak in your boat. To achieve the speed you want, you have to go faster than you really need and, subsequently, sites dating use more power than you otherwise would with a variable speed motor.

24 Volt Battery

It is most likely better to isolate the two systems to prevent this scenario. This article covers the most common electrical issues and questions that arise when choosing and installing a trolling motor. Your trim pump runs so seldom it is not an issue. Some day I will have a direct vent heater in the house but its not happening this year.

It will also reduce the chances of running out of trolling power miles from shore! Surfer, I try to keep it simple. One of the most confusing aspects of selecting a trolling motor is the array of electrical questions that inevitably arise. It took me a minute or two to draw the diagram. Anyone have a great combo that just hurts your hands?

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