Driver Parallel Lines Cheats

Cheats Of Driver Parallel Lines Ps2

Stuntman posters are visible on the walls of the safe house. Is Apex Legends a Fortnite Killer? Body Snatcher miles Switch character skins cheat.

Try this near Ray's Auto Shop. How to Unlock Kronika in Menu.

If it is for the Era, go to the Era and customize it for ten times less money. This vehicle is only available once. Wii Submitted by GamesRadar Invincibility. You need to go to Jerser Racetrack in the era. Cheaters, they ruin everything.

Cheats of driver parallel lines ps2

Go to the left on the corner while driving. There are total in the game. Xbox Submitted by Travis All Weapons. Your money will be returned, but all the mods and parts will remain.

Bad servers, I hate disconnects. Most Popular Guides on CheatCodes.

Xbox Submitted by killermunkee Drive a Totaled Car. During the Jail Break mission, you must drive a prison transport to the prison. These can be turned on and off in the menu. Most of the vehicles in the game are based on actual vehicles.

Era change available from menu. Customize and repair all the cars your money will allow. All race vehicles in the game are modified versions of the standard models they are based on, and may not have a real-life counterpart.

Xbox Submitted by Travis Invincibility. Reach miles on your odometer.

Cheats of driver parallel lines ps2

Drive miles not really sure. Once the race has begun, restart it.

Driver Parallel Lines Cheats & Codes for PlayStation 2 (PS2)

Successfully complete the game, then choose the car or bike store at Rays. You will see a picture of a topless girl as well as other pictures around the shop. Most Popular Games on CheatCodes. Are Zombie Games Truly Undead?

When you get there, a gate will open. Xbox Submitted by Travis Free Repairs.

Also, the more money you have, the less you will have to repeat this trick. Xbox Submitted by Travis Indestructible Cars. Xbox Submitted by Travis Infinite Nitro.

Xbox Submitted by Travis Milometer Unlocks. The car will go through the fence without damaging the car or fence. Exit the garage and start the race. Get into it, drive to the garage, and store it.

Cheats of driver parallel lines ps2

Driver strategy guides are found on a magazine rack in police headquarters. Driver posters are visible on the walls of the safe house. Win first place on any difficulty setting. After completing the race, the Circuit will close and you will not be able to race again.

The mission will continue as usual, but you must break through the rest of the three gates yourself. Get out when you are at the race track and shoot the car until it explodes. Once this is filled it will unlock the free garage. Get miles by driving and you will be able to transform your body by melee attacking pedestrians. Xbox Submitted by Travis Weaker Cops.

Check Xbox cheats for this game Check Wii cheats for this game. Enter cheats in capital letters.

Go to a garage and start a race. Xbox Submitted by Travis Star Collection.

Cheats of driver parallel lines ps2

Driver Parallel Lines Cheats

Cheats of driver parallel lines ps2

Press exit garage and then you are driving a totaled car. Xbox Submitted by Cheater All Vehicles. Save the game provided that the autosave feature is turned off and restart the mission. Repeat this to continue earning as much money as desired.

Driver Parallel Lines Cheats

At certain mileages playful cheats will be unlocked. Pause the game while playing and go to options, ut165 v1.65.30.0 mptool 2010.12.07 select driver settings and cheats.

Cheats of driver parallel lines ps2

This is now toggle-able from the cheat menu. What makes you want to rage quit the most in gaming? The following is a list of the vehicles in the game from both eras and the name of their closest real-life counterpart. This makes it easier to win the La Guardia Races.

These are cheats that don't break the game, but just add a bit of silliness, such as the Body Snatcher cheat. If you look closely at some cars, you will notice they are exact replicas of cars around the city in the original Driver.