Most Wanted Driver (Overall Awards)

Cobra Driver Review 2015

We spent the past days flying around the country, making conference calls, consulting with engineers, industry experts, statisticians, mathematicians. To compare previous offerings to the current could well show such a small difference that we may doubt the marketing messages.

The F-MAX Driver

Just used my new Cobra Fly Z driver for the first time. If all this and the dark looks appeal to you, then taking off for your local Cobra store will result in a successful mission for your next golf related missile launch. Reluctantly I went and demoed the FlyZ and hit well and posted better numbers especially on mishits with the Cobra. Introduction leading into has been an extremely exciting time for Cobra golf equipment. The head was large for its day and offered a fast forgiving face, atheros wireless n driver attributes which have continued through most Cobra drivers since.

Cobra Fly-Z & Fly-Z Driver Review

Just a fantastic guide to get started. This combines well with the slightly more subtle and reptile looking SmartPad on the sole that enables the face to pivot as you change the loft to keep the face square. The price is high end too, so what do you get for your money? You look at all this years winners and look up their shaft options.

If I fit a driver very seldom is there much difference in distance. That said, is it just me or does it seem like the method used to determine the best clubs i.

Cobra driver review 2015

You can see how the face is thinner towards the edges to increase the ball speed and thicker in the middle to keep the faster centre within the legal limits. It was simply no comparison. The most intriguing thing about Double black diamond is that all of that distance comes without excessively penalty where forgiveness and accuracy are concerned. Delighted with this club for its performance and its looks I have electric boogaloo blue which doesn't look quite as big as the white head but still gives confidence, all in all ten out of ten.

Bill plays Scott Readman Concepts putters and accessories. What I like about the Ping, and this was pointed out in the test, is its Forgiveness.

Cobra Fly-Z & Fly-Z Driver Review

The forgiveness is off the charts. Of course for higher level of detail, full data should be given. Bought this driver new and the sweetspot is great.

2015 Most Wanted Driver (Overall Awards)

During the swing, you would forget you were swinging a cc head. Can you go into more detail about the truaccuracy and trudistance calculations? Sounded like a ball bouncing on concrete, but just head scratchingly straight!

Like Norman I am in awe of myself with this club. After two rounds and a couple of hours at the range, moved from white to blue and was hitting it past my typical results from the whites. Pick one that you like aesthetically in the category you like and try and dial it in. Lets shut it down now, make the readership happy and call it a day.

What it really shows is that if you get a great head and pair it with a perfectly matched shaft you'll own Most Wanted driver. As you know, there is more to a driver purchase than just raw numbers. The most comprehensive driver review as expected. The feel of the driver is great compared to all the TaylorMade drivers I have owned.

Cobra Fly-Z Driver Review - Golfalot

The F-MAX Driver

If you have not seen the inside of a driver face before then this can be quite enlightening and shows what these manufacturers mean about variable face thickness. The end result of the study is that the majority are within a few yards of another. Putting your money where your mouth is often is a lost art.

Not so great in presenting it and writing something interesting about it. Once you have found the correct position as the lofts can be adjusted just stick with it.

Surely any review is incomplete without. Seems to me there is more than a good club involved. Even if it was complicated, the readers should be able to agree that the chosen function is something they agree as well. They get bigger and better every year. Straight means more yards too.

The interactive data is great. We will definitely keep it up for you.

It has given me more yards. Second, these stds are direct measure of consistency, which is a relevant quantity. Draw settings resulted in pulls, not draws, for me. With that being said without using the same shaft and flex profiles all data will be askew. The pictures we took had some difficulty capturing the sparkle of the white paint on the crown.

Golfers Mis-Hit the ball big time with the Driver. Glad to see it independently verified.

It is just finding the right combo of club head and shaft that fits you to get best combination of distance and accuracy. Notify me of new posts by email. There were a few efforts to achieve this, but most notable is the Fly-Z weight placed toward the back of the club on the sole. It has made golf fun again.

To me, the driver not only performs differently, but honestly feels like two different clubs depending on where you placed the weight. We are just getting started. Late last year I got tested for my first driver. Keep up the great work guys awesome stuff and the only place I actually believe what I read! Still have to go on a launch monitor to get your individual numbers for each driver.

Cobra King LTD Driver Review