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The reason for the border in those years was because of the printing process. The story for each country varies so I will have to generalise to some extent. Another possibility for finding an old postcard with a relatively modern postmark date is someone had taken the whim to stamp and post a vintage postcard.

Stamp Boxes for Real Photo Vintage Postcards

This is used to prevent bots and spam. Stamp boxes are the small rectangular boxes printed on the upper right hand side, where the stamp is to be affixed. Some articles have Google Maps embedded in them. Google provides ad serving technology and runs an ad network. These were very popular and proved to be a great success.

Identifying the Age of Postcards

Postcard collecting can be a fascinating hobby as I have found out over the years. Undated the address side has not been used but clearly early. For more information, visit the Curt Teich Postcard Archives web site. The earliest picture postcards were therefore published with blank space on the picture side - so that a message could be written next to the picture.

  • Both of those give information about how to date those specific cards.
  • Linen postcard without a border.
  • It is incredible how there are so many things we don't know.
  • Sometimes cards were printed as souvenirs of special event, they still are of course, so that's another way of dating the manufacture.
  • The card had the address on one side and a message on the other, but no picture.

Hertfordshire Genealogy Dating early picture post cards

PIONEER ERA (1893-1898)

Because only the address was allowed on the back of the postcard, matchmaking messages were written on the same side as the picture. Can you help The Postcard Detective. Most post cards produced in the United States were printed during this period. Valentine Ltd was one of the earliest picture postcard publishers. We partner with Say Media to deliver ad campaigns on our sites.

Further, from time to time, reproductions of old pictures or photographs are repeated some decades later. The address was on one side and a message could be written on the reverse. Other Methods of Fixing a Date Some of these methods can be fairly exact, others are only an indication.

The publisher also responded to the change and reissued the card in a completely new format q. The number indicates the last figure in the date and the letter indicates the decade. These first picture postcards still had the address alone on one side. After the sinking, all postcards of the sister ship did not mention Titanic.

Dating old postcards
Dating old postcards

Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. Sometimes the postmark is clear enough for the year to be readable. The address was written on one side. Can you discover how old the card is? Is a wall calendar in the picture?

Chicago Postcard Museum - How to Age a Postcard

All cards during this era had undivided backs and only the address was to appear on the back. All cards during this era had undivided backs of privately printed cards. The divided back made it possible for both the address and the message to be on the back of the card. Messages were still not allowed on the back with the message.

This involved printing on textured paper which gave the cards a texture like linen. No I don't know how to date a postcard. Genealogy in Hertfordshire. Post Card History and Dating Methods. Very interesting - love looking at old postcards and the wonderful old pictures they provide!

Test Site Only Under Construction

These cards became very widespread during the s and continued in production until the s. If I remember correctly, I think I should have a couple of them I've kept. The White Border Era brought an end to the postcard craze era. Many of the real photo postcards being done at the current time are reproductions of earlier historic photos. Research has already been done by earlier historians and guidelines have been put into place.

Postcard Dating

Do the buildings have window air conditioners? Publisher's numbering scheme. The message was written in German, round the picture.

The border separated out the cards making. Does it include postal mailing codes? Most of the cards that made it to the post office were mailed within a year or two of being produced.

The style of these boxes varied over time. In the beginning, Teich apparently made no attempt to define when a card was printed. The growth of this group has been spectacular in recent years, asian luxe matchmaking so much so that there are now many postcard dealers who specialize only in chromes. White Border Era Most post cards produced in the United States were printed during this period.

The first postcards were not allowed to have any form of picture. There are always vintage postcards available on eBay at reasonable prices, though I have to say that there are fewer bargains than there used to be. Three-dimensional postcards also appeared in this era.

How to Estimate the Age of a Postcard

There were seven eras for the postcard industry and each one has distinguishing points to help establish its respective identity. This prevented the face of the card from being written on and proved to be a great boon for collectors. But for any individual card there can be some doubt about its exact age.

How to Estimate the Age of a Postcard
  1. Many people prefer to collect unused postcards which have never been posted.
  2. Nicely written and fully explained nicely done.
  3. Love the old graphics and it is always special if they have a message and address with a cancellation date on them.

The Message on My Oldest Postcard - Dated 1877

Tips for determining when a U.S. postcard was published

France zone at

Sure enjoyed learning about your means of dating these oldies. Thus, the other side could be to be used entirely for the picture. Publishers developed the process so that the inks would dry more quickly. The company used code numbers and letters to indicate the date the card was published.

This will make dating more difficult in the future. Mashburn Colonial House The dating of the postcard for years or eras of issue can be accurately determined if the card is studied for identity points. Two major postcard publishers, Curt Teich and Detroit Publishing Company, used numbering schemes that can be helpful in dating a card.

Does the card include postal mailing codes? Furthermore, strong competition in a narrowing market caused many publishers to go out of business. The address and stamp were on one side, while the other side held an image and any written image. Another lens written with some very interesting information about vintage postcards. No data is shared unless you engage with this feature.

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