Dating steamer trunks, antique steamer trunks and chests

We all want our antiques to be as old as possible so, it is human nature to push the envelope. So, a trunk with that name would infer a study, durable trunk. We will take this journey with the trunk and hope to find. However, to blindly make a statement, and call it a fact, is reckless.

Steamer Trunks

Value of Antique Steamer Trunks

These are the properties of Pine, and Basswood, which were the woods used overwhelmingly on trunk bodies. How old a trunk is can be a more heated discussion that talking politics. Rhino Trunk and Case, Inc. There has been much debate and discourse on what these types of trunks are actually called. You can go there and create an account.

Trunk FAQs & Trunk Myths - HMS Antique Trunks

This is very helpful in dating a trunk. How much is this vintage black humpback steamer trunk worth? About half of all people call any trunk a steamer trunk. Many times people will call a wardrobe trunk a steamer.

It kept out dust and added strength to the trunk by binding it. On the Research page I am offering copies of several of these interesting and unique items for sale. In any case, annexa dating I doubt this person had any actual evidence to back up his statement. Sellers of these trunks tout this like the finding of the Dead Sea scrolls.

These include newspapers, trunk maker's catalogs, letterhead and invoices, business cards, books, articles, and of course trunk labels and trunks. They originally got their name from ladies needing large trunks to hold lots of clothing, hats, etc. No travel trunks were produced without a covering of some sort. We do not do official appraisals, but we do recommend Brettuns or The Trunk Shop who will do this for a fee.

Antique Steamer Trunks and Chests

  1. These are normally very large and heavy as they were used for extended travel by ship or train.
  2. At first read this story sounds like it makes sense.
  3. The small newspapers of the day often detailed when so and so went to visit such and such as big news!
Trunk (luggage)

Story has itvthat this trunk belonged to my mother in laws great grandfather and came from Spain with him. The sample would have been the very best the company had to offer, as they would have wanted to showcase their stove making skills. Small square shaped trunks were made especially for carrying hats and many other special purpose trunks were produced from about to the s. This article has multiple issues. The other half is coating the Tin with color.

The Goldberg Monitor Right looks nothing like the trunk in question, and the description of the other see picture Below sounds nothing like a flat top with rounded corners. It has a seal inside, but its hard to read due to the crack in the middle. The most readily recognizable feature of Saratogas are their myriad and generally very complex compartments, trays, and heavy duty hardware.

Monitor Top trunks have a flat top, and rounded front, free sex dating nederland and rear corners. You could take it to an antique dealer. Footlockers are trunk-like pieces of luggage used in military contexts.

Many of these Civil War Trunks were also banded with metal. After actual research I can tell you that Monitor Top trunks did not start showing up until around the mid s. They probably manufacture more trunks than any company in the world.

Antique Trunk Values
Collectors Weekly
  • The size requirement was one the steamship company's imposed.
  • This style trunk was often referred to as a Barrel Stave Top or sometimes a Saratoga Trunk and is ornate and very well made.
  • Front lock in middle of trunk does not work.
  • Some people say they look like a loaf of bread or figure eight.
  • Listen, I could ramble for days, but you get the hint.

These guidelines are to help you narrow down the age of your trunk. This is because more than one patent applies to the lock, or a patent was reissued. Most all colors were made from some kind of plant, or spice. It is always fun to piece together family history. This was a very interesting process for ornamenting Tin plate covering trunks.

Information that can be called a fact, not a story. However, if you dig further you will see it is ludicrous. More often they simply describe the trunk see picture above as having a flat top, and rounded corners, or a round top trunk.

Determining the Value of an Antique Steamer Trunk

Can anyone tell me anything about it? Was there anything in it when found? Then, as now, there are those that can afford opulent possessions. The trunk is made of thick pine with hardwood, probably elm, outer slats.

Steamer Trunk

At the beginning in France Paris. These were generally made from the late s to the mids. Weather it be rawhide, leather, metal, carpet, canvas, or Hardwood slats, all trunks had something on them to protect the box, and for appearance.

Antique Trunks

Could anything have slipped in to the lining to help date it a stray love letter perhaps or sheet of paper? The trunk for sale was what many call a Monitor trunk. The trunks exist since the man travels. The interior was carefully cleaned out and relined with a nice old fashion toile fabric.

There are also no absolutes, as there are always exceptions. What do you think the lock protectors, slats, and cast iron were for? They are not only the most common trunks referred to as antique, but also are among the most popular.

Steamer Trunks

We could not find a manufacturer's name of the trunk. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Trunks luggage. Thank you so much for your response and appraisal sites. The bottom is in excellent condition and with the original small rollers.

The owner agrees, and mentions that he has old crates, and will the mill owner give him something off the bill for them. It was not cheap, tucson dating and was not the wood most used on trunks for slats. Often the finish is very worn and those in excellent condition are hard to find. The answer is much more simple. Trunks date back to pre-medieval times.

Watch for actual sales, not just listed prices. Looks first, functionality second. They were made in many shapes and sizes and from various materials.

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