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There are several things about this fan that are most unusual. Hunter fans made before will say Fulton, N. Center ring remains solid but S-wires no longer visible on the inside of ring. The front motor cover is stamped steel.

Antique and Vintage Fans
Everything You Need to Know About Vintage Electric Fans
Vintage Emerson Fans

The fan shown here is an early with a porcelain speed switch. It will be terribly tiny and inside parenthesis. This is about as nice of an original Emerson as you will find.

They also have shaded pole motors, so expect them to run noticeably warmer. They are not worth a lot and it is hard to give a value without seeing the fan. Need to know what the value is of this beauty needs to be restored.

The unique blades on this fan are called Parker blades, after Herbert L Parker, who invented them. Like most pancake fans the motor is large in diameter but thin, dating divas and has a single bearing. And that chrome thing is a snap in piece.

Westinghouse Oscillating Tower Fan Review - Power Noise Rating

An excellent choice for a new blog. Hi Anne, as time passes, and when I get motivated to add more to the blog which I do intend to do, I might get to your fan. This fan has not been restored or repainted and appears to be in nearly new condition. Trying to decide to sell or keep as we are down sizing. The tag below is from the earliest of tanks, the Style with the small motor.

Antique and Vintage Fans

Sometime along it long life this fan acquired the Vortalex blades you see it with here. This smallest Century fan is a somewhat rare model and one of the few small Century fans with a stamped steel motor and base. Changes through the years were many but the last tank still looked very close to the first one. This fan uses Emerson's unique hollow stationary shaft single bearing. On this visit to the shop the fan's price was lowered and he was able to negotiate a satisfactory price which was very reasonable.

You can see this by lack of a spring-loaded pin under the oscillator link. The original blades for this fan would have been brass, and I am currently seeking out a correct blade-set for this fan. This is the non-oscillating companion fan to the Emerson series fans made during the same time period. Original black Japan is in great condition and has not been detailed or polished. The cloth cord connecting the base to the motor in the rear of the fan has some fraying to the cloth.

  • This particular piston and rod is from an engine manufactured in and was used for marine propulsion navy battleship.
  • Like all Hunter desk fans, this one is excellent for daily use and I usually use it at work.
  • The aluminum blades have never been polished and have no bends or dings in them.
  • The oscillator on this example is inoperative.

Westinghouse WFTR40W Review

Darryl Hudson Antique and Vintage Electric Fan Collecting

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Most are unrestored, unpolished, and with original paint and finishes, mostly in very good or better condition and most dating from the s or earlier. From a Westinghouse catalog. Stamped steel Westinghouses are not the ideal fan to start with. This wiring and direction sheet above is from a packet below that came with the Westinghouse fans. Most early fans that came with a power cord had somewhere around feet of cord.

This one is the cleanest example we have ever seen. Several screws to hold on the base plate are missing or incorrect. This fan uses the famous Emerson stationary hollow shaft despite its small size. Tanks are one of my favorites and I am still learning about them. If oiled once a year, they will outlive many generations of owners.

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The headwire is original with outer cover partially missing. The large blades are not original to this fan. Yours is an earlier specimen, tell about yourself online that might be the reason.

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Anyone with an interest in antique and vintage fans, heaters, and other old stuff is encouraged to attend. Notice the ornate motor castings and embossed Emerson Induction Motor, St. Blades have been polished. They are also simple and run well.

The plastic switch covering has broken off. Quiet for a large volume fan. The following original condition fans are offered for sale.

How To Identify An Antique Electric Fan

Today s best Westinghouse WFTR40W deals

  1. Value would depend upon condition which one would have to see photos as well as the running condition.
  2. Selling your tank will help you downsize but, considering that it has been part of the family for so many years, you want to think it out well.
  3. What do you know about this model?
  4. The unique blades on this fan are called Parker blades, after the Emerson employee who invented them.
  5. The cage has some tarnished areas but there are no bends, breaks, or repairs.


This is a fantastic piece that has received probably more restoration work than any fan we've had. Thank you for visiting my web site. All three quiet blade fans below are sold.

They are also usually older and more expensive. The black Japan finish is excellent and original and has not been rubbed out. There is still a lot that I want to add to my existing posts before moving on to making some new posts. Give a Doug a call at and ask him if he remembers where it is at! The motor is still cast iron, as is the neck.

Please read the notes on contacting me on the Main Page. If you see a tank with the reverse curve cage, that cage came from a stamped steel Westy. Before the days of gear driven oscillating fans, manufacturers only knew how to make a fan oscillate back and forth by means of a deflecting vane placed in front of the blade.

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More fans to be added occasionally as I get the time to go through what I have. Few Westy tank motor fans have the micro date however as the date seems to have been introduced very near the end of tank motor production. It is a inch fan and it has six blades instead of the usual four. If you missed it last time, be sure to mark your calendar for this upcoming event.

Blades are free of dents and bends and were refinished in gloss black. Purveyors of Electronic, Musical and Vintage goods from then, now and in between. Some finish chipping on motor, and virtually none on base. Fans made after they stopped stamping serial numbers around will have a date code on the motor tag. Unfortunately we do not have the blades or blade brackets, but would make a great candidate to restore or utilize with more recent blades.

It would be nice if you could help. Motor tag screwed on to motor instead of previous rivet attachment. Hi, wondering if you have any info on a fan I found in my Loft. The blade has no dents or other problems and runs pretty true. For those who like using antique fans, but are concerned about the safety aspects of the cage, the spiral cage-equipped models are excellent choices.

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