L dating netizenbuzz, friday july 19 2019

L dating netizenbuzz

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L dating netizenbuzz

Why do they try to make it so obvious with pictures and send secret coded messages on public social media? He certainly did insinuate that though so I understand why some fans could be upset. Don't make a fool out of your fans, that's just hurting both sides, the idol is loosing support and the fans are leaving the fandom. No one has to know it like this. That being said, they should have announced it anyway.

Lets call a spade a spade guys. Like really where is the logic in that? Does he think that his fans left him because of the dating? If he's dating, whatever, but these idols have got to stop giving fangifts to their lovers as gifts.

L dating netizenbuzz

Let them buy their own shit. Are they a bunch of physics now? He should have brought his girlfriend other items instead of using what his fans have given him with much effort.

It's blown up so much What's done is done. My insides are flipping inside out right now. Idols should just learn to date quietly. Maybe that's just his rash personality as he is like that.

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L dating netizenbuzz

Idol dating netizenbuzz

You see I'm trying to write it in a more subtle approach way. Just date quietly, what's so wrong about that? The only idol I can think of who has done this is that member from Block B who has a girlfriend, and for the most part he hasn't had any issues. How about companies and the culture just move away from idol bullshit? They were happy until they realized that the reason he was excited for the weekend is because he was going to see his gf?

It's okay for him to date but the way he handle things was really bad. That's basically making a joke out of your own fans. That's why I'm glad I mainly stan female girl groups. However, when his gf came over she took a photo on the bed and people didn't like her being associated with the fan gift? Jungyeon looks fresh-faced at the airport while carrying Momo.

What I do have a problem with is making it obvious like this. Just would've assumed they were non-celebrities. Sounds more humane then caging people from being human. If you really hate it that much then at least give it to charity so that it doesn't seem like a waste or like you don't care or appreciate.

  1. Also the fact that Chanjo gave a fangift to his supposed girlfriend is just disrespectful as fuck.
  2. And then they and their fans suffer and complain when people find out about them.
  3. Why some idols do things like giving gifts they receive from fans to their girlfriends?
  4. You might be the only one I know expecting their idol on posting secret insta messgaes for their girlfriends.
  5. Didn't they know it will backfire at them or what?
  6. Social media are just a way to get into more trouble than necessary.

Wednesday January 14 2015

This fan shouldn't feel any regret leaving him. It can also be that the girl went over to his house and slept on the bed, no? Or is it some kind of special brand?

Why does fans assume that every message are for them though? And after fans found out, what does he do? Changjo behaved pretty immature by posting these selcas and replying to fan that way as well as being a cheapskate.

Yoona seung gi dating netizenbuzz Yoona lee seung gi dating netizenbuzz. Went down, as you can see if you Google more Netizenbuzz posts about it. It's really hard to take a pic like that yourself.

Well if I give somebody a present that I've saved the money up for and If I give it to them sincerely just so that it can be tossed to the next person I will not be happy. If he had declared it officially, I'd consider he's more serious about fans but lately that's far from fair. Why didn't K-idols learn something from the similar scandals of their colleagues, seriously.

L dating netizenbuzz

Shocked at how much dating someone else already dating scandal. It seems more thoughtful that way. If it's a public account, act professionally on it.

L dating netizenbuzz

Friday July 19 2019

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Now he just had to admit they are dating because they make it all obvious. Is it clear that he gave it to her, though? Products they promote if you're super dedicated. And please, do a better job of hiding next time. But then again some fans should realise that they aren't in a personal relationship with oppa but then again what this guy did to the fan mislead her is out of order.

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On Instagram, dating speed they used matching hashtags. It makes me feel so cozy and warm just thinking about it. What the hell did I just read?

  • Im pretty sure their company and managers tell them to keep relationships on the dl, but its a completely other thing if they actually listen.
  • Yes they shouldn't expect a lot because it is from their own choice but really a common decency and respect should be given.
  • Can't they just date quietly?
  • Song Hye Gyo smiles in glamrous new photo update.
  • Those girls might as well join a new girl group.

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L dating netizenbuzz

Pann Changjo/Jiyeon s dating scandal round-up Netizen Buzz

The pictures below show Changjo's fan gift being used by Jiyeon as well as them wearing couple rings. They know this industry and how it works. So basically a fan gave bedding to the guy and he liked it and used it.

Well if you are not a kfansite master, dating in antigonish nova scotia you have no right to question their being overly dramatic. But after seeing Changjo say he wants the weekend to come and then act like it was a message for his fans just broke every ounce of trust I had left in him. Popular Tags Blog Archives. If they announced it this would have been over already. Like you know what I mean?

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