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They are super easy to kill if driven by a noob due to the bad cannon range and slow turret traverse. On the other hand it does not weigh a ton and has a decent engine in it making it more mobile than most give it credit for. The key here was one tank, one round and keep shifting between the closest ones until they are done. Indeed as of writing this I am still uncomfortably ill.

That last is actually the biggest reason why it is on this list at all. When SerB needs an extension to his summer house we'll see osme sales. That's why it's so insidious.

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When facing off against medium tanks, Tier X light tanks are anything but an easy target incapable of returning a favour. They heavys are pretty much all very slow with the exception of the Fcm which has no armor, chat dating and the only medium the super pershing has heavy speed. Don't downvote people just because you disagree with them.

This update covers two months, September and October. Nah, the T-Rex is shite unless you know what you are doing. We are here for the free exchange of tips, strategies, player guides, how-to's, news, information, and discussion. The lack of penetration and armour limits its ability to be effective in anything other than a spotting role, unless you can take advantage of a gap in the lines and go artillery hunting.

Can't see why it would make a return. Orlik's Medal Destroy two or more enemy tanks or tank destroyers with a light tank in one battle. And stay tuned for the lowdown on German and Chinese lines.

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After which I am going to take a look through which tanks I have and which tanks I wish to get in the mid-tiers, and then pick one to push to. There are two very big pieces of news from the end of the month that rather dominate. Will have to check once I'm back from work though! The countdown of stun indicator is displayed to all players who see the stunned vehicle. They aren't abusing lower tiers if they've only been seen in one match.

Guess what the Supertesters are testing atm? The difference in the number of Platoons should not exceed one full Platoon three players. Check out the links for insights into balance changes and new vehicles.

  1. These tanks are special collectible vehicles for those who have been playing the game for a while.
  2. Click the images below to check out deeper details on each feature.
  3. Improvements to the map selection mechanics that decreases the chance of playing on the same maps within a game session.
  4. After using a consumable, it becomes available again after recharging.
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Amongst the things I have never gotten around to writing was my visit to Tankfest. That would be a bit of a gameplay challenge I think. Camouflage is also top notch. Some of the existing light tanks changed their tiers.

If assembling two teams according to it will leave you queuing too long, the system loosens its restrictions a bit to make sure you get into a match quicker. Can be obtained in Random Battles only. In what may be a case of famous last words, I do think I have had a fairly good month for learning how to extend the life of my tank, even if not actually survive.

Matchmaking and arty have been a source of heated discussion for years now, and it has taken us several iterations to transform them into something we feel happy to put into your hands. At a cost of Gold and with preferential matchmaking, this vehicle needs to be considered. We implemented an all-new, template-based matchmaking algorithm.

There are no plans to re-introduce it. Recently it received a buff to its gun depression and side armour, giving it a new lease of life. One-tier battles are allowed under conditions when other patterns are not possible. If it's off, and you purchase it then when you get on your Xbox you can manually choose to download it from your ready to install or under manage app. The second is crew training.

Now, they deal less direct damage, but benefit from the damage their teammates cause to stunned targets, similar to scouts. That may be a silly reason to spend real money on, but there it is. Drive a tank or a tank destroyer.

Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Try on the test server first, dating community as Gold is a large investment. Tips Please take your time and read the blog rules.

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Overall This update covers two months, September and October. You can browse vehicles by nation or by tier, explore basic and advanced configurations. Knowledge of camouflage mechanics and good positions to go hull-down in while protected from artillery is essential, but the pay-off is rewarding. Strange beast, not for the inexperienced.

  • However, I still do not wish to use free experience to research a tank as opposed to a module.
  • The team has been working tirelessly to react to your feedback up to release, and we have been thrilled by the passion and involvement of our community.
  • The targets must be at least two tiers higher than the player's tank destroyer.
  • Free is the best kind of purchase.
  • There are several reasons why this one is now first on my list.

Said that I owned this on the Xbox store, logged into tanks and it's not in my garage. If a consumable is used several times in a battle, the cost remains unchanged. Going forward into March I intend to make a determined effort to start amassing those credits. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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Hopefully I will continue to improve as things settle out, but it is possible that I am starting to plateau at my current ability level. Want to add to the discussion? Subreddit for the console version of the game World of Tanks.

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One small milestone that has passed this month is that I have fought my eight thousandth battle. The Meta Show View event page. It also uses a four man crew, so is practically useless for training that Object or crew. Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities.

This is unfair and unacceptable. They could make so much money by putting that tank back into the shop. Being in the Clan has substantially increased the number of matches I have played this month, and also widened the tanks I have played. Some of the tanks on that list are now in my garage. Share on social networks or discuss on the forum Facebook Twitter.

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The Tetrach is small, fast and packs a solid, high penetrating punch. Instead of kicking players out from the game in a single shot, they now temporarily weaken mobility, accuracy, and reload time of vehicles in their splash radius. If they don't want to make any money on them, oh well. He has actually been trying very hard to get some of these tanks available.

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Tier VIII of the Week T26E4 SuperPershing
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World of Tanks Weak Spots Tank Guides and Tips

To the untrained eye this is an immobile, inaccurate brick. However, it does have two very particular selling points. This is where things start to get expensive, but the rewards are more often than not worth it. Needles to say, more that they all died. It doesn't matter if the vehicles are any good or not.

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