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Tmcm 3110 Driver Board

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Velocity and Acceleration vs. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

We transform digital information into physical motion

Trinamic six-channel stepper-motor controller module for improved performance. Trinamic takes care of motion control, so you don't have to.

Without this voltage, the stepper driver part and therefore any motor connected will not be energized. This way, phaser 7500 drivers an external motion controller instead of the on-board one might be used together with the three on-board stepper motor driver stages. An on-board voltage regulator will generate the necessary voltages for the digital circuits from this supply. Otherwise the on-board electronics will seriously be damaged!

Only three pins of this connector are used. Add external power supply capacitors! Imitating experienced human hands requires a steady, smooth motion.

Medical applications require the highest levels of reliability and precision. In this context it should be taken into account that the module will transfer energy from the motor back into the supply rail when the motor is working as generator e.


Full remote control of device with feedback is possible. With increasing number of nodes per bus and increasing bus length the maximum data rate usually has to be reduced. All further voltages required, e. Thus, it is recommended to connect all four mounting holes in addition to the supply ground connection to system power supply ground.

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This is the most energy-efficient point of operation for the motor. Some of Trinamic's Customers.

We transform digital information into physical motion

All inputs offer the same basic input protection circuit. Introducing our smallest and most compact full mechatronic solution. In no case shall the maximum values be exceeded. The firmware of the module can be updated via any of the serial interfaces. There are three separate connectors for each motor, three for corresponding reference switches, and three for encoder inputs.

3-axis stepper controller/driver 2.8A/48V with coolStep

Do not connect or disconnect motor during operation! Stop by and experience how we transform digital information into physical motion. It's a community-based project which helps to repair anything. The function of the inputs might differ depending on firmware version. The programmable pull-ups can be switched on or off together for all three axes.

Therefore, Ohm termination resistors at both ends of the bus have to be added externally. All trademarks used are property of their respective owners. The module contains a number of capacitors for power supply filtering. We transform digital information into physical motion.

Motor movements are not possible in this operation mode. No additional cabling or external devices e.

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Motion control always includes hardware and software, and to create the best solutions, both parts need to work in perfect harmony. That is, the connection between each node and the bus itself should be as short as possible. Anyhow, the switches use the binary digit system.

Tmcm 3110 driver board

This might be helpful in case communication parameters of the preferred interface have been set to unknown values or got accidentally lost. Basically, it should be short compared to the length of the bus.

Communication traffic is kept low since all time critical operations, e. It is highly integrated, offers a convenient handling and can be used in many decentralized applications. The number and type of inputs, outputs and supply is the same for both connectors. At maximum motor load, the value goes to zero or near to zero. In case the power supply capacitors are not sufficient for limiting power supply rising, additional measures have to be considered e.