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Even though they only had a couple of scenes together, they have crackling chemistry, and their matching snarky grins add a dose of mischief to their interactions. So I was surprised when I found myself actually laughing out loud during a few scenes. The cliches I didn't like were mostly about the stock characters and the unreal situations and not the environment itself. Miss Granny Korean Movies. Someone set off a fire extinguisher, and the assumption is that Real King is responsible.

The Tooth and the Nail Korean Movies. Specially since his role seems pretty one dimensional right now. Toppers Should be confident and Should be helpful. Overall this drama was very good and I will watch it again and recommend it to others. This is basically an idol drama with a few bigger names in the cast who need some material to fill out their resumes.

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Yeon-doo enters a darkened storeroom where several other students sit, and they all check their rankings together with an air of utter seriousness. Also, her chemistry with Lee is out of this world. For me, it was interesting! This article needs additional citations for verification.

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Angel's Last Mission-Love. Is this going to be another Answer Me? Her own vehemence knocks her legs out from under her, and she falls on top of him, faces uncomfortably close. Open Thread Open Thread by mary.

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Jung Eun Ji's swagger whenever she walks just kills me. Once we mix in some dance and cheering into these students struggling to find their place in the world, things can only go up from there! It's nice and light and breezy. Book of Love Asian Movies. Yeon-doo and Kim Yeol make such a cute couple.

The Battleship Island Korean Movies. The White Dragon Asian Movies. The Last Princess Korean Movies. She only ever studies, free disability dating service and has no extras that colleges look for.

  • As a matter of fact I think he was better there.
  • One of my favorite things about Sassy Go Go is the casting, it just seems pitch-perfect all around.
  • This is really the wrong genre for that kind of thing!
  • Innocent Thing Korean Movies.
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Jang Hyuk sits down to answer questions sent by our community. Not sure if the comic style shots were a necessary addition, but they aren't too intrusive either. When she started choking and getting teary in while singing during the music class got me teary as well. Ugh, everything about this show sits right to me. She sneakily pulls up his texts, and sees that the report and photo came from her supposed friend, Soo-ah.

He isn't like that with any of the other girls, and he manages the task of being maddening and adorable all at once with such ease. They're both so adorable and I'm glad they're both simultaneously starring in dramas right now. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Our Shining Days Asian Movies. The first part was entertaining.

  1. The teacher finally stops Yeon-doo, but Soo-ah has something to say now.
  2. Well of course Ji Soo looks this good in Angry Mom, that is what started his career.
  3. The Soul-Mate Wonderful Ghost.
  4. They have good enough chemistry to sell it, and Yeol's three-option pattern makes me laugh a bit.
  5. She wheedles for him to just tell her who tattled on her, and he only orders her to class.

The the lead actor is driving me crazy, he has a strong resemblance with someone but I can't remember who is that. Be with you Korean Movies. She looks around the room at her own uplifting, self-supportive notes, and wonders where it all went wrong. Killer Toon Korean Movies.

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Two months after the group debuted, members Jisun and Jiin left the group to pursue individual interests. But when he leaves, Yeon-doo is tempted by the cell phone that he left on his desk. One of the best parts for me, is the dancing. Why are they taking it out on her?


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The Age of Blood Korean Movies. Do I think it's going to be life-changing? The obstacles they face and the friendships they form are more real and relatable.

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None of the actors are anything like real life athletes or gymnasts, and actual cheer leading nowadays is all of that. And I find it a wee bit refreshing that he's so flirty with Yeon-doo, even if it comes via an obvious trope like the fall-on-top-of-each-other scene. She may not be the best student, but dammit, she can be the very best one hundred ninety-sixth there ever was. Teacher Yang just laughs when he gets the text, then rolls his eyes when Teacher Im catches sight of the picture, knowing that Teacher Im will tattle to the principal. The Swindlers Korean Movies.

After they started dating, it became boaring. Wouldn't that affect their dating? She leans over his desk and invites him to kiss her, right now, but he just smiles nervously.

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Hwang Jin Yi Korean Movies. Current members Yura and Hyeri were then added to the group to replace them. But, also he had only a few scenes. The Secret Life of My Secretary.

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It's not mindblowing, and I'm not saying I was doing much more than losing my mind over how cute Eunji and N are, but the episode was more than watchable and I found myself enjoying the ride. When Teacher Im comes close, wot tier 9 matchmaking he buys her time to finish putting the poster up. The resemblance is stronger in Kim Yeol. It also doesn't help that the drama is miscast.

Unfinished Girl Asian Movies. It's too bad it's airing while Six Flying Dragons and Glamorous Temptation is airing because likely those two will be the ones competing for the top spot. The ratings are quite unfortunate so far but I hope it will get better and even popular. And the story is very interesting.

Our website uses cookies to ensure its efficient functioning and to improve your experience. Chemistry was so good, i totally felt the sparks when they had that face-off. Does it necessarily need to be revolutionary? Anyway, anime fan I hope this show keeps up the work. Amazing acting with interesting story.

Warriors of the Dawn Korean Movies. Some says the first ep was week because of too many cliche. Oh, the second female lead does a good job of being detestable.

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Yes this is quite cliche but so what? The thing that jarred me the most in the first episode was the in your face presentation of Ha Joon's background with his father - Jesus, way to put your cards on the table. Am I the only one that is usually unimpressed by the dances in these dance dramas, renditions, etc. Not boring at all for now Ep is more interesting. Or just lackin resource for their students, or not understanding that teenagers are normal people, for and discriminating against them for stupid reasons.

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